Cancer december 9 horoscope 2019

A major breakthrough awaits this month, Cancerians, so hold on and keep on doing what you're doing.

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Even if it feels like the slog has been endless, please have faith that you're VERY close to success. And, on the other side, it's smooth seas and plain sailing all the way. One final push, one determined effort to tackle your obstacles, and you'll find it wasn't all as bad as you thought. And you can relax and enjoy your festive season. You are in a thoughtful mood, this month, Leo. Pondering on all that's come your way, and also things which have left the scene. Loss is part of life. It hurts initially, but we CAN choose how we process and handle it in the longer term.

And you have chosen to take life lessons from the things which pained you in This alone is perhaps the best gift you can grant to yourself this Christmas. You're strong, resilient and wise - partly down to the hardships you've faced with courage. Celebrate your awesomeness.

It was all for a reason, and it has enabled you to access the imagination, motivation and determination to make some significant and lasting changes as you enter and plan You're excited albeit a bit nervous about what you want to manifest.

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Trust and have faith, Virgo, that you ARE marching towards the right path and this is all heading towards being your best year ever! You've have sucked the life lessons out of all the lemons life has brought to you in ! And you're feeling pretty empowered, like you believe you can handle anything now. It's true! So, use this emerging confidence and inner resilience to focus on what you desire most. You've got the drive and guts right now to make some really big moves and progress. Use this personal power to manifest a long-held ambition or goal. No one can stop you. Something you've been worrying about will turn out to be, weirdly, the best thing that's happened for a while.

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It involves a departure of some kind - maybe you moving on, maybe someone close to you, maybe a journey. The dread you've felt is unjustified and the bravery you display by tackling this is noted and rewarded by the Universe. You're building up good karma points with your courage and compassion, and they will return to you as wonderful surprises as the month unfolds A trio of Coins cards this month, so there are changes in your material world - job, money, home, possessions.

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  • Something you thought you'd lost, or was threatened, is replaced tenfold and you find yourself in abundance at a time you thought you'd be lacking! Play wisely and invest your extra riches, whatever they are. A Future You will thank you for being cautious, and you'll feel secure. Your friends and family stand by you when you need them. Things fall into place; you are in the flow and the natural rhythm of life returns today!

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    Inner conflicts are resolved as you list priorities and chose the right options. Balance should be maintained in all areas of life to get past blocks and reactions.

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    • Colour green. When there is a mess wipe the slate clean and start all over with a fresh and unbiased mind. You need to revamp fitness and diet routines to remain healthy and active. You meet interesting people who become friends. Look at fear in the face and it drops!

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      Colour white. You are individualistic and can be sudden and expressive in love and anger; be aware! Your heart and soul give you insights and answers that you have been looking for intellectually. Listen to your intuition or gut feeling when decisions have to be taken. Colour orange. It's a time of duality when decisions have to be taken. Your intelligence and humour are scintillating and endear you to friends. Media involvement is entertaining. You tend to be sensitive and take things personally. Be silent and centered inside. Lucky number 6. Colour pastels. Rescheduling plans may be for the better.

      Let yourself rest—especially from mental activity—as the sun opposes Neptune and action planet Mars clashes with lucky Jupiter.

      Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

      Get some physical activity or blast music while you complete simple tasks around the house. A wonderfully social atmosphere arrives as chatty Mercury meets flirty Venus on September 13, bringing love letters, good news, and fun banter your way. Secrets are shared!

      Mars opposes Neptune on this day, so watch out for lazy, sleazy, lying, or manipulative people. This is not a good time to make decisions. A shift in energy arrives as Mercury and Venus enter Libra, the sign of justice, bringing your focus to your home and family life during this powerful and emotional full moon. Your relationships have been restructured over the last few months, and things start to move forward as Saturn ends its retrograde on September Plus, Mars connects with Pluto the next day, encouraging powerful transformations in your partnerships.