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The Three of Coins shows that this is about to change, because your efforts are being acknowledged and a raise or promotion is on its way. Buckle your cosmic seatbelt, because this is going to be a week to remember, Gemini! All you need to do is to identify a heartfelt goal, and then take a few overt steps in its direction—the Universe will get the hint and start to bring you opportunity and good fortune to further your ambitions far beyond what you currently think is possible.

The Knight of Wands is a passionate suitor, and one who can sweep you up in a whirlwind of fun and discovery. Alternatively, perhaps that's who you need to be for yourself, this week. Maybe you need to consciously decide to be spontaneous and say yes to more things. If you spot something that looks fun, but challenging, sign up, be it a budding romance or something else entirely. An intensely romantic encounter with a sexy, compassionate and intense Water sign Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer could be on the cards this week.

So look out for someone with whom you feel an instant connection and attraction, and say hi! Or, you can endeavor to explore your more creative talents this week. Your powers of creativity and imagination are surging for these next seven days—put them to good use. Join or find out more about a campaign or movement that you truly believe in.

The Hierophant is trying to bring a cause into your life that you can really make a difference in. Know your beliefs. Trust in them.

Utilize your time and energy to support them. This is how you personally can make the world a better place, and it starts this week! Procrastination is your middle name, Libra, because you love to weigh up the options. ALL the options. And your deliberating skills are great and all, but sometimes, you just gotta make that decision and move on. Like, NOW. It's time to strengthen existing relationships at work, in love and out in the world, not to mention forming new ones where your life needs a boost. What to wear during this year of evolution? The spring catwalk heralded this the season of the suit — check out the optimistic shimmer of the Tom Ford show for details.

Fellow Cancerian Nicholas Kirkwood's perfect blend of feminine-meets-fierce footwear is a must-buy when it comes to making bold career moves and dressing to impress. Take care to celebrate your feminine side, work hard, network — and by the year's close, you'll have watched those investments flower. You're a sexy big cat when it comes to clothes and will think nothing of mixing leopard print with bold red and gold — and nor should you!

Fellow Leos Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent both possessed the kind of style chutzpah no one could argue with, and new designer Michael Halpern's glittering eveningwear has your name written all over it. Try something new once a week. You'll be amazed how much more exciting your life is. During , you may or may not be pleased to know that all that changes — you will be reaching out to meet, experience and love in new ways. When it comes to what you wear when meeting someone for the first time, for you, Virgo, it's all about comfort and fit. From Gap to Marc Jacobs, you seek quality in everything, a lot like fellow Virgo Stella McCartney, a veritable embodiment of the sign, with her neat-chic aesthetic.

Give smart, oversized shirting and wide-legged trousers a go, or a loose-fit, rust-coloured Stella dress that's both seductive and prim. New to rust? By the year's close, taking chances will be your motto. Ruled by Venus, you're an intellectual when it comes to what to wear. Add a splash of bold jewellery and try a change of hairstyle. Behold — your beautifully well-balanced aesthetic is updated in the sassiest way possible. Happily, you have magical Jupiter, planet of growth, helping you. Avoid beige trouser suits as if your life depends on it, and instead, embrace your love of black eyeliner, late-night dancefloors and clinging fabrics in that perfect Scorpio way that is both 'don't notice me… Oh, thank you for noticing me!

These are life-shaping situations, but go for it. In years to come, you'll be relieved you took what seemed like a chance. Unknowingly sexy, you're a natural when it comes to 'French undone'. Like Sagittarian Julianne Moore, with your white silk blouse unbuttoned to 'just there', luxurious underwear, lush velvet trousers and the highest of heels, you're a veritable sex bomb. Look to the ultimate glamour-puss Cindy Crawford, whose daughter Kaia Gerber owned the catwalks this season. Channel her 'go-girl' attitude and embrace big change.

Type keyword s to search. This set is a powerful life-changing crystal healing system. This stunning set, featuring new artwork and messages, now also comes with an instructional booklet detailing how to use the cards as well as providing some sample card spreads. Her energy and the timeless wisdom she embodies are perhaps more relevant today than ever before.

Calling upon this energy, Magdalene Oracle provides insight and clarity into your current situation and helps answer your questions. With advice that is both universal and specific, the Magic of Flowers Oracle will connect you with the beauty of flowers, the whimsy of elementals, and the precious miracle of life itself. These spells guide, support, and activate your innate magickal powers for a more prosperous, blissful life. Includes an in-depth, easy-to-understand guidebook.

Meditate on the messages or repeat them as powerful, affirming mantras. This beautiful deck encourages you to use the enlightening artwork to lift your consciousness to insight, truth, and harmony. This deck is for those who yearn to re-ignite their connection with Gaia, the natural world, and its creatures. The Messenger Oracle is infused with the magic of ancient dragons, elemental fae, mystical trees, and their wild animal kin. These messengers can guide us back to our true nature and power and help us reconnect with and express our innermost truth.

This moving and powerful deck explores the profoundly healing, protective, and soothing energy of Mother Mary. Through this oracle, she brings you her guidance and wisdom and connects you with knowledge of your own spiritual potency and divinity.

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Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit blessing, greeting, and salutation. Draw a card and be guided to a space of peace and clarity with a simple yet powerful acknowledgment that we are ultimately one in spirit. The stylized artwork in this exciting deck provides a unique entry into your own spiritual work.

From divination to journeying between worlds, this oracle is sure to help you understand more about yourself and the nature of our world. Each of the 42 mandalas is a template of highly evolved universal energy—a unique and powerful combination of sacred geometry, ancient codes, and elemental keys. The cards are an elixir for the soul, brought forth to help you become the beautiful infinite soul that you are.

Its words and images will open the door and pathway to your heart and lead you to a place within you, full of unconditional love and divine wisdom. This deck is an essential and rewarding tool for communicating with the angelic realm and obtaining powerful messages of guidance and love. Simply ask your angels to guide you to the perfect card for you in this moment. Compassionate providers of comfort, help, and love, angels are always available, waiting for us to reach out and connect with them. The Oracle of the Angels is designed to help you contact the angelic realms.

These elegant cards provide a valuable linkbetween the heavens and the earth, enabling you to gain unimaginable insights and develop close relationships with your angel messengers. This deck offers a portal to their powerful messages of love, healing, and protection. When we connect with the Dragonfae, we reconnect with the lost parts of ourselves, allowing us to fully explore the gift of life on this beautiful planet, and access knowledge deep within ourselves.

Loving, adventurous, kind, and daring, Mermaids can teach you ways to heal your past, love yourself more deeply, live authentically, embrace your creativity, and find your life purpose. Delve into their wondrous realm through the Oracle of the Unicorns to reawaken your unique gifts, your extraordinary courage, and your divine potential.

Experience joy, love, peace, and prosperity by welcoming unicorn energy into your world. Each card of the deck predicts everyday events while also opening to broader spiritual possibilities. This deck, like Pagans themselves, is a magical blend of down-toearth wisdom and magical resonance. Beautiful, thoughtful, and lovingly crafted, this oracle from Toni Carmine Salerno and Leela Williams will support you on the journey to compassion and confidence. The sublime images and insightful messages offer practical advice and higher guidance.

It is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and healing. Whether you have studied his poetry for years or are drawn to him only now, this oracle deck will strengthen and illuminate your connection with this beautiful and powerful soul who loves you with a fierce passion. To dance in divine love with Rumi, you need only be willing to enter your own heart.

This oracle offers four ways through which the strength of the runes can be tapped: writing, vocalizing, visualizing, and the gesture and the position of the body. Discover how this magical alphabet can help you channel the sacred wisdom of the Norse gods. As a divination system, meditation tool, or a talisman, the Runes Oracle Cards can be used to illuminate your life and manifest transformation.

Toni Carmine Salerno, Leela J. Our sacred world provides grounded insight that can be applied to the problems we all encounter. This oracle deck is filled with striking imagery and heartfelt guidance to support you in awakening your sacred, rebellious heart. Celebrate and nurture your individuality. Become fully alive and express your authentic truths. Use these cards to honor your creative power. Featuring masterful artwork by Fabio Listrani, each card offers inspiring wisdom and helps answer every question you ask.

By honoring the insight they bring to us, we deepen our connection to our own path and calling, while awakening our role in the preservation and balance of life. Once used by cartomants throughout Europe, these simple yet meaningful cards continue to spark intuition and personal insights today. Regardless of whether you are already with your soul mate or still in search of one another, Soul Mate Cards will help you to strengthen the bonds of love between you and your soul mate. The wisdom of these affirmations and the powerful artwork that illustrates the deck will help you trust in divine timing and your intuition.

Ask a question, pick a card and listen to the guidance that stems from your own soul. Rediscover the magical and healing power of love that lies within you. This new edition features three new artworks and the guidebook messages have been revisited and expanded to offer more of the wise insights Toni is known for.

Fill your heart, clear your mind, and soothe your soul through the healing vibration that emanates from each of the fortyfive cards. Previous edition: Access your own inner wisdom and bring answers to your questions with this inspiring and easy-touse card set. Featuring the illuminating artwork of Toni Carmine Salerno, the Universal Wisdom Oracle is designed to provide clear messages and gentle guidance.

Reveling in the macabre, masterfully using shadowed details, and capturing the spirit of the night, this oracle deck offers you gothic wisdom and answers to your deepest, most challenging dilemmas.

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  • This deck offers a portal back through time into the intriguing culture of ancient Viking society. This unique divination system sheds light on mysterious Ogham teachings and offers an easy way to connect with Celtic tree energy. Create meditations and affirmations, work tree magic, and embark on a wondrous journey of self-transformation. Whether you wish to heal a broken heart or discover ways to fine-tune your beliefs and attitudes, this deck is ready to be a source of support, guidance, and insight. Use this unique oracle deck to invoke the blessings and protection of Lord Ganesha, and call on him whenever you feel yourself in need of inspiration, guidance, and a clear path through the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead.

    Whether it is a romantic connection or your connection to others around you, these beautifully illustrated cards will help you find answers and solutions. Divine your way to self-knowledge and awareness. Built upon the core beliefs and traditions of Wicca, this vividly illustrated oracle can put you in touch with the sacred gods and goddesses.

    When the loving peace of Spirit seems too far away from the troubles of the physical world, this oracle deck channels the energy of the Divine Mother to bring you comfort. Draw on it when you need encouragement to take a risk for what you love or a light in times of darkness. Includes an in-depth guidebook revealing the secret lore of the Faery realm as well as lessons on how to connect and nurture deep relationships with your own Faery guardians.

    Deck and guidebook are newly repackaged in a desirable hardcover box. The card messages along with the breathtaking artwork will help you rise above your problems and see things from a higher perspective. Each card message is followed by a positive affirmation. These oracle cards encapsulate the wisdom of the Wise: healers, teachers, herbalists, and gifted oracles who are the custodians of the magical potency of the Craft. The beautiful deck and companion book encourage you to draw upon ancient wisdom that is still alive today.

    These cards are simple, easy-to-use tools for discovering and refining ESP, clairvoyance, and other types of psychic phenomena. This revolutionary guide, written by a tarot master with more than thirty years of experience, reveals a simple, proven system that makes reading cards in a spread nearly as straightforward as reading words on a page. The Language of Tarot presents an innovative system that treats tarot as a science. This amazing book reveals what she learned, translating each combination for you and supplying examples that support each lesson until you are fluent in the language of tarot.

    Trade paperback original; illus. New York, NY has been a tarot master and professional psychic for more than three decades. She designed a scientific system of tarot reading and has been teaching it for twenty years. Jeannie has written about oracles for AntiquityNow. Providing numerous spreads, exercises, and interpretation strategies, Practical Tarot Techniques is your key to unlocking essential skills and methods of tarot. Based on over thirty years of tarot reading experience and an extensive survey of readers, this easy-to-follow tool has everything you need to perform insightful readings in everyday situations.

    Tarot experts Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin bring you face to face with the cards in a variety of ways, from party games to magical applications. Includes techniques and exercises that help readers gain confidence with the cards as they give readings in any face-to-face situation, whether it be with friends, family, or clients. Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin are renowned authors and teachers of tarot who have a large audience thanks to their many clients and their work with the Tarosophy Tarot Association.

    He has studied and taught tarot for thirty-five years and has delivered more than ten thousand face-to-face readings. She is responsible for the Cards of Antiquity campaign, which set the ground for the return of Lenormand, Kipper, and other antique decks in the mass market. With straightforward techniques and hands-on exercises, Leeza Robertson guides you through each of the 78 cards using three pathworking styles: intentional intentionally selecting cards based on theme , intuitive letting the cards guide you , and wandering combining the intentional and intuitive styles.

    Just as using a tarot deck is a journey through a story, so is pathworking a journey of meditation. This remarkable book inspires you to expand your spiritual being through your experiences with your deck. Leeza is the author of two previous books and the creator of two tarot decks. More than just an attractive collection of art, this calendar provides unique ideas and inspiration all year long.

    Each month features evocative and beautiful cards, chosen by tarot expert Barbara Moore, paired with indispensable tarot wisdom. Bonus pages include an introduction to tarot, a terms glossary, correspondences of suits and numbers, instructions for the Celtic Cross spread, and recommended reading. Includes a paperback book and dreamcatcher packaged in a slip case with cellophane wrap for extra durability. This fabulous art book is a perfect vehicle for travelling in the imagination to a place where nightmares come true.

    The Lenormand is a unique deck that is perfectly suited to guidance in day-to-day matters or questions of next steps to take in resolving issues. This full-color book shares the tips, tricks, hints, and techniques for reading with the Lenormand, helping you get the most out of your reading experience. Tarot expert Anna Maria Morsucci provides fascinating insights and helpful tips for reading the Marseille Tarot. This is a perfect companion book for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of this powerful but mysterious deck. Discover indepth discussions of the relationship between tarot and kabbalah, alchemy, astrology, numerology, sounds, herbs, and crystals.

    Explore the history of runes and hands-on techniques for using them. This guidebook shows how-to make the most out of your runes, and provides pronunciation, key words, messages, warnings, and talismans for each of the twentyfive runes. With thorough perspectives on tarot history, reading, spiritual work, card meanings, and more, this full-color volume is an indispensible reference for beginners and adepts alike. Includes more than color illustrations and contributions from a wide range of tarot experts.

    This book is hands-on and personal, full of practical suggestions, spread guides, and specific reading techniques. Step into the visionary world of celebrated artist Paolo Barbieri and behold the dreamlike essence of his dazzling unicorns. These mystical creatures bring the spirit of magic with them as they prance through the surreal landscapes of the page into the whimsical spaces of your imagination. Light enough to allow for shuffling and reading, but durable enough to offer protection, these sleeves will extend the life of your favorite cards.

    Popular among tabletop card gamers and now catching on with tarotists, card sleeves come in packs of Dream Fairies Inspirational Cards Bianca Luna; Artwork by Julia Jeffrey Dream Fairies Inspirational Cards promise an enlightening inner journey guided by twelve beautiful fairies, each representing a sign of the zodiac. This unique tool can help you gain rare access to your subconscious, where hidden talents and unfulfilled desires can be awakened.

    Glow in the dark imagery allows you to enjoy the whimsical illustrations day or night. Another unique feature is the box, which can be used to prop and display cards for meditation work or as a unique frame for the enchanting art. Printed on cloth over a 3-mm base, this flexible board is lighter, more durable, and easier to transport and store than the traditional board. Contacting the other side has never been more fun and easy. Includes wood planchette and instructional booklet.

    Greeting cards created with a magical twist! Magical Glass Spheres Explore the world of magical divination with an elegant glass sphere. These spheres, available in three sizes, are packaged with a handsome wooden base in a deluxe satin-lined box with a magnetic closure. Includes instructions. Lo Scarabeo Cloths Explore the many uses of these velvet cloths featuring embroidered symbols from a variety of traditions.

    Nicely sized, these richly colored cloths are ideal for divination practice, altars, meditation, ritual, and home decoration. This Calligraphic Ritual Set is perfect for creating special documents—spells, letters, invitations, cards, and more. Set includes a feather pen with five interchangeable calligraphy nibs, ink, natural wax stick, and a seal.

    The spiritual, magical, and decorative applications of this convenient sealing wax kit are endless. Perfect for spells, rituals, greeting cards, and crafts, the natural wax stick and the high-quality components included in this pack will provide countless hours of meaningful use. Steampunk Calligraphic Pen Set Record your most inventive thoughts and ideas with this marvelous pen set, an ingenious fusion of steampunk style and Victorian elegance.

    Cat Note Box This decorative note box from Lo Scarabeo brings a touch of elegance to any living space. Book by Laura Tuan Humankind has always revered the beauty of crystals. But these precious stones have much more to offer! Discover how the dynamic energy of crystals can be applied to meditation, physical wellbeing, healing, divination, and more.

    Lo Scarabeo This unique kit features stones and crystals seven total —each resonating with one of the seven major chakras. The included guidebook helps you use these stones to open and align your chakras and maintain the steady flow of vital energy within. Stamped on fired wood, these symbols of the ancient Germanic alphabet connect like the letters of a word to give you the answers you seek.

    The kit contains twenty-five runes, a bag for protection, and a comprehensive guidebook. This updated edition features sturdier quadrants made of rigid, high quality cardboard material and a handsome hardbox package. In English, Italian, French, and German. Casting Stones for Divination and Magic Barbara Moore Divine the answers to your most important questions and tune in to the natural harmony of the world.

    With five ritual stones, eight divination cards, a colorful Wheel of the Year board, and a page book, Witch Crystals provides everything you need to start a journey of divination. Includes blue agate, green aventurine, red jasper, rose quartz, and white onyx. Each pendulum includes a convenient guide to pendulum techniques and an elegant velvet-carrying pouch. Use these unique crystal talismans to transform your life for the better. Includes an organdy bag containing four stones attuned to specific needs.

    Astrology Tarot Psychic Guidance, Women's spirituality, High Priestess musings

    Also includes a booklet that explains crystal basics and teaches how to best use their energies as effective talismans. Astrological Crystal Talismans Laura Tuan Use these unique astrological crystal talismans for self-improvement and growth. Each pouch contains four crystals attuned to an astrological sign: two for amplifying your virtues and two for rectifying your weaknesses. Also included is a card that provides tips for using these powerful crystals. Aries Astrological Talismans. Deluxe Wooden Runes Bring new energy to your divination, magic, and meditation practice with runes.

    Made of high-quality wood, these deluxe wooden runes are a step above the standard version. Achieve your dreams and nourish your soul with these beautiful and inspiring books. From the profound wisdom of animals to the powerful guidance of the divine, Blue Angel offers a wonderful selection of titles that will uplift your spirit and improve your life.

    This practical, user-friendly manual helps you hear and trust the encouraging voice within, and successfully step through chaos, crisis, and confusion. Use this book to discover the voice of your destiny. It helps you move beyond your fear and doubt and live your deepest truths. These 55 tips, tricks, and tidbits are morsels of wisdom to nourish you for the journey from your head to your heart, into your happiest and most successful life.

    Beyond the Emotional Roller Coaster will take you on an inspirational journey of personal empowerment toward self-mastery. It offers not only profound insight into how life works but also practical tools for discovering the hidden blessings in all our challenging life experiences. A means to attaining the peace, joy, and love that we all seek. Manifesting from your soul feels good.

    This book on crystal spirituality is your guide to the many ways you can manifest from your soul. Featuring more than sixty angelic artworks by Toni Carmine Salerno, Angel Wings will help you connect with the angels. Use this book as an oracle for daily inspiration and guidance. Filled with inspirational sayings, quotes, and affirmations, this beautifully presented, full-color book features over forty brand-new artworks by best-selling artist and author Toni Carmine Salerno.

    The perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Imagine creating something truly original— simply having the freedom to express the extraordinary creative energy at the heart of your being. This book is an invitation to let go of preconceived notions and embark on your own personal journey to the very source of inspiration and creative power inside you.

    Cat Wisdom is a collection of photographs and words of wisdom from the world of adorable kittens. Opening up to the wisdom of the felines can teach us about the importance of relaxation, always making time for fun, expressing ourselves freely and honestly, believing in ourselves, and most importantly how to reach our goals and get what we want. Even dogs have bad days, yet they have a resilience and wisdom that soon sees their tails wagging no matter what life throws at them. This little book is the perfect gift for yourself or for someone going through a rough patch providing comfort and inspiration to help you through.

    Dog Wisdom is a collection of photographs and puppy-inspired words of wisdom designed to celebrate the joy that dogs bring to our lives. Featuring forty-five super cute puppies, this fun and inspiring gift book will encourage you to reflect on your life from a new perspective, bringing out your playful side to have more fun. Dreams of Magic, the first book of celebrated artist Michele-lee Phelan, brings together over one hundred of her most-loved illustrations with a selection of stirring poems and short stories. A story of the small miracles that are all around us, waiting for an invitation to come into our lives!

    With fantastically fun art, Flutes in the Garden is a whimsical way to discover the magic, miracles, and music of life. Balance the four elements within your energetic and spiritual bodies for personal healing and wellbeing. With an introductory quiz and a special affirmation process, this accessible material inspires lasting change. Includes two meditation CDs to help unlock the qualities of each element. It also features background descriptions and artistic insights from Jasmine herself. New expanded edition! In this beautifully presented, full-color book in a deluxe padded hardcover, bestselling artist and author Toni Carmine Salerno offers reflections and meditations in honor of Mother Nature and the feminine spirit.

    Featuring illuminating illustrations and depictions of nature and the Goddess. The Persian poet Hafiz — is a literary wonder with unmatched spiritual insights. Now, renowned artist and writer Rassouli dives heart first into the Divan of Hafiz to offer you fresh translations and glorious color illustrations so you can take your own journey into the Wisdom of Madness.

    Printed on premium cream-colored paper. A comprehensive reference manual for understanding our kids. Julie Hamilton explores the significance of intuition in the modern age, highlighting it as one of the most powerful tools for our children to live empowered and successful lives. Offering practical tools and advice, Generation Intuitive also features games, and exercises. With stunning full-page images and inspirational sayings, quotes and affirmations, Goddess is a book you will want to use and refer to daily.

    Explore techniques that help you relax and feel good while stimulating the Law of Attraction. Includes an audio CD with guided meditations to support you on your journey so that the life you live is truly the life that makes you happiest! This book makes the perfect gift to remind us to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Life is full of choices and opportunities, but the best choice is always to enjoy what is in front of us right now.

    Within each of us exists a powerful light that guides us, offering hope and comfort, if we only trust and have faith, and open our hearts to it. This oracle book encourages you to look within and feel your connection to this eternal inner light—your true nature. Hope contains a distillation of wisdom borne through life experiences that are common to us all. Harness their powerful energy through vivid illustrations, as well as the original prayers and proven rituals that accompany them.

    This sacred yet highly practical guide shows you how to engage with divine and profound magic. Do you know someone who is in need of a hug? Features include amazing new discoveries on the associations between dolphins, whales, mermaids, elementals, and ascended masters; Lost Land sacred sites, ley lines, and energy vortexes, and stunning new insights into our own galactic origins. Awaken your divine feminine spirit with these fun and quick techniques to nourish your soul and enhance your emotional outlook. This book includes an audio CD with five uplifting goddess dance tracks and five empowering goddess meditations to celebrate the goddess within you.

    Call the strength and passion of the Goddess Isis into your life with the powerful incantations and invocations found within. This book holds the key to decoding the secret messages in the numbers you notice around you. These are messages that the Universe wants to get through to you—to help you grow and live a happier, more connected and fulfilling life. Are you ready to hear them?

    ♊ Gemini november 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading for Gemini november 2019. Love, Job, Tarot Horoscope

    Strengthen your bond with nature and spirit using this divination tool born of love. The Messengers, ranging from ancient dragons to mystical trees, offer powerful guidance to better understand yourself and the mysterious ways of the Universe. Empower yourself and reconnect with your innermost truth using this incredible oracle book.

    A versatile book born of boundless creative energy that can be used as an oracle—just open it randomly to any page and allow the image and message to flow into your heart. The trees are soulful and full of character; they are alive, they are wise and loving like our most dear friends. This tale of survival, courage, and strength shows that often through our greatest challenges come our most rewarding gifts and reveals the true Miracle of our existence.

    Miracles is a book that contains a distillation of wisdom borne of life experiences. Let this book deliver the words that will help you or a loved one see the way through hard times with messages of encouragement, wisdom, and happiness. Just one verse of these moving works can open a direct experience of the infinite divine, revealing the richness and beauty of life hidden within the realm of dreams and imagination. Suitable for children and adults, this book helps you unwind and improve your sleeping experience. The complementary audio CD features meditations and specially composed music with diurnal beats and relaxing rhythms that gently guides you into a safe, healthy, enjoyable sleep.

    Our day-to-day world is teeming with signs from the Universe designed to support us through life. Spirit Signs is the ultimate guide to learning to recognize those signs and decipher the meaning behind them. Unlock their secrets and discover a wealth of spiritual wisdom from beyond this physical reality. For those who struggle with anxiety, this book and audio CD will help you relax and tap into a sense of empowerment so you can truly let go, feel peace, and trust that everything really is going to be okay.

    When life gets confusing and you feel like you are lost at sea, this helpful little book will be your life raft, keeping you afloat, guiding you back to dry land. Just take a deep breath, relax, and open the book randomly at a page. For the past fifteen years, fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith has captivated the world with her imaginative acrylic paintings.

    Discover the elegant beauty and mystical wisdom of gift books from Blue Angel Publishing.

    Notre Dame Fire Astrology Synchronicity | Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

    The insightful, courageous, and gorgeous art contained within these books will help you live a loving and enlightened life that is practical, spiritual, and positive. A perfect gift for anybody whose journey is taking them toward love, trust, and destiny. An empowering nine-part writing journey for transforming your ideas and experiences into magnetically engaging stories. Beauty is an energy, a radiance that emanates within. You can recognize people who are truly beautiful by the glow in their eyes and the beaming smile. This book is a celebration of you and the perfect gift to remind you just how beautiful you really are.

    For use during the day or night, the meditations will relax you as gentle and reassuring voices take you into higher states of awareness where all is possible. Relaxation Music CDs Ideal background music for Reiki treatments, meditation, or simply for relaxing. This inspiring, soothing music is infused with love, light, and healing vibrations that nurture mind, body, and spirit. Over of the pages feature an inspirational quote or message, and includes 44 full-color artworks. Meditations Journal Featuring the gorgeous artwork of Toni Carmine Salerno, this perfect-bound journal is ideal for creative writing and journaling.

    Includes faint-lined pages with inspirational quotes on every second page and a full-color insert. These 3-fold, double-sided, laminated information guides are packed with details on holistic health, astrology, Buddhism, and many other popular topics. This beautiful art collection is more than just a coloring book. Each colorable spell is thoughtfully composed and imbued with powerful symbols that help you focus while spellcasting. More than a coloring book and more than a collection of magic spells, this book invites you to create personal manifestation with color and intention.

    Combining simple spells with enchanting symbolic imagery, this innovative coloring book provides 50 colorable rituals and spells for money, love, protection, health, and much more. Each of the 45 coloring patterns features a short commentary by the artist offering insights into the stories behind the original paintings. This exquisite coloring book by world-renowned artist Ravynne Phelan is a celebration of all things dragon. These breathtaking mandalas are based on the mosaics and bas-relief sculptures of classical European artisans.

    Includes meditative techniques and instructions to deepen your spirituality. Jasmine Becket-Griffith has selected 55 of her favorite characters to create this fantasy art adventure. Printed on high quality ivory art stock. A Best Seller! Printed on premium, heavy stock art paper.

    Enter the fantastical world of your deepest dreams with this stunning coloring book featuring the incredible art of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. These 63 colorable illustrations are filled with characters and symbols found in fairy tales, myths, and folklore from cultures around the world. Each page is blank on the back and suitable for display. Discover a witchy way to color for relaxation! This book will take you to a magical place of reverie and quiet pleasure.

    Each page is blank on the back and suitablefor display. Each coloring pattern includes an enlightening description about the original painting on which it is based. Embark on a transcendental journey to the peaceful spaces inside you. Coloring these images will help you keep your focus on the present moment and tune into a clear loving space full of endless possibility and creativity. Features heavy art paper. Discover new insights into the cards as you select colors and explore the subtle symbols and meanings of each card with this coloring book featuring card art from the bestselling Universal Tarot.

    Treat Yourself Right: Take a Vacation!

    When these elements are matched respectively with a subject, verb, and object, they form a simple sentence and give succinct meaning to the card. Learn to interpret the collective meaning of three-card sets within a variety of spreads. Perfect for beginners and intermediate practitioners, this fun day course offers a solid foundation in tarot and new ways to deepen your tarot experience.

    Presented in a card-a-day format, these easy exercises teach card symbolism and meanings, how to use keywords, and more. Learn how to interpret spreads by experiencing them as meditations, activities, affirmations, and oracles. Enhance your life all year long with magic and tarot. With spells for every possible calendar date and easy-to-use instructions, this guide can be used with any tarot deck and features a wide variety of spells. Navigate important life choices with a tarot spread for every day of the year!

    Each day also includes a fascinating historical fact, an important holiday or celebration, and a mini tarot lesson. This introductory guide presents highly effective techniques for decoding the energetic vibrations and information held in names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, and much more. Originated by the Yoruba people of West Africa, cowrie shell divination is a powerful technique for connecting to the wisdom of the great beyond. Written by a long-time practitioner, this book shows you how to open the portals of spiritual communication with cowrie shells and other divination systems.

    This guide is devoted to reversals—the cards that appear upside-down in a tarot spread. These interpretations offer inner support, positive advice, and descriptions of the learning opportunities available, yet with a twist that is uniquely their own. Experiment with the eleven different methods of reading reversed cards.

    Written by a second-generation fortuneteller and professional reader, this friendly introductory guide offers everything you need to know to begin crystal ball readings immediately.